Perfect Transportation System

The fluid portion of blood called plasma carries numerous other substances present in the body apart from just blood cells. Plasma is a clear yellowish fluid, which comprises 5% of the normal body weight. In this fluid, 90% of which is water, salts, minerals, carbo-hydrates, fats and hundreds of different types of proteins are suspended. Some of the proteins in the blood are transport proteins, which bind lipids and carry them to tissues. If the proteins did not in this way carry the lipids, the lipids would randomly float anywhere, giving way to fatal health problems.

Hormones in the plasma take on the role of special couriers. They facilitate communication between organs and cells by means of chemical messages.

Albumin is the most populous hormone in the plasma, which is in a sense a transporter. It binds lipids such as cholesterol, hormones, billirubin, a toxic yellow bile pigment, or medicines like penicilin. It leaves the poisonous substances in the liver and takes other nutrients and hormones to wherever they are needed.

When all these things are considered, it becomes clear that the body is created in an extremely detailed way. The abilities of a single protein to distinguish between lipid, hormone and medicine, and to determine not only the locations in need of them but also the amounts to be delivered, are all indications of flawless design. Furthermore, these surprising examples are only few out of dozens of thousands of different biochemical events taking place in a body. All of the trillions of molecules in the body work in a marvelous harmony. And, in fact, all of these molecules spring from the division of a single cell that forms in the womb of a mother. It is clear that this miraculous system of the human body is a wonderful artistry of God, Who created man from a single drop of water.