Thermostat in the Body

Apart from toxins, red blood cells, vitamins and other substances, blood also carries heat, a by-product of energy generation in the cells. Distributing and balancing body heat in accordance with the outside temperature is vitally important. If there were no heat distribution system in our bodies, our arms would overheat and the rest of the body would be cool when the arm muscles are used, which would greatly damage the metabolism. This is why heat is evenly distributed throughout the body, which is facilitated solely by the circulatory system. In decreasing the body-heat that is distributed all over the body, the perspiration system is activated. In addition, blood vessels enlarge under the skin, enabling excess heat in the blood to be transmitted to the outside air. This is why when we run or do other high-energy activities, our faces become red. Blood circulation is as responsible in preservation of the body heat as in cooling. In colder temperatures, the blood vessels under our skin shrink, which serves to reduce the amount of blood in the area where heat escape is most probable and hence to keep cooling to a minimum. The reason for a person's face turning white when cold is the precaution that the body automatically takes. (R. Von Bredow, Geo, November 1997.)

Everything taking place in the blood is extremely complicated and intertwined. Everything has been created flawlessly down to the smallest detail. In fact, there is such a wonderfully intricate balance in the bloodstream that the smallest breakdown could potentially cause very serious complications. Blood has been created with all its necessary properties by the One Creator in a moment. This Creator, the owner of superior knowledge and power, is God:

Your god is God alone, there is no god but Him. He encompasses all things in His knowledge. (Qur'an, 20:98)